Flat Metal Plate Decorative Wiring Accessories

The large and comprehensive range of flat metal plate decorative wiring accessories represents the perfect combination of style and durability.

Coming in several classical finishes with the option of black or white interiors, the sleek flat line dimensions of the Opulence range adds a touch of luxury and quality to any room. A truly stunning decorative effect!

Manufactured to the latest British and European standards, backed with a 3 year guarantee and easy to install you can be assured that this range is not only stylish but very durable and long lasting.


Polished Chrome With White Insert / Satin Chrome With White Insert / Satin Chrome With Black Insert / Polished Brass With Black Insert / Satin Brass With Black Insert / Pearl Nickel With Black Insert / Black Nickel With Black insert / Satin Chrome with Metal Rockers and White Insert / Satin Chrome with Metal Rockers and Black Insert

• 10 amp Plate Switches
• Dimmers Push On / Off & No De-Rating
• 20 amp DP Switches
• 45 amp DP Switches
• 13 amp Socket Outlets
• Round Pin Socket Outlets
• Fused Connection Units
• 45 amp Cooker Units
• Cable Outlets / Connectors
• Shaver Supply Unit
• TV/FM & Satellite Sockets

• Communication / Data Sockets
• Blanking Plates


Technical Information

Specifications & Features
86x86mm (1 gang)
86x146mm (2 gang)
Supplied with M3.5 fixing screws

10 Amp Plate Switches
• Compliant with BSEN60669-1
• 3 Pole fan isolator compliant with BSEN60947-3-1992
• CE Marked
• X-rated for fluorescent or inductive loads

Dimmer Push On/Off
• Compliant with BSEN60669-2-1 various
• CE Marked
• For use with incandescent lamps only, not suitable on Low Voltage (LV) circuits

20 Amp DP Switches
• Compliant with BS3676
• CE Marked
• Cable clamp located on inside of plate capable of accepting 2.5mm flex



45 Amp DP Switches
• Compliant with BS3676
• CE Marked

13 Amp Socket Outlets
• Compliant with BS1363
• 2 earth terminals for safe installation

Round Pin Socket Outlets
• Compliant with BS546

Fused Connection Units
• Compliant with BS1363
• CE Marked

45 Amp Cooker Units
• Compliant with BS4177

Cable Outlet / Connectors
• Compliant with BS5733



Shaver Supply Units
• Compliant with BS3535

TV/FM & Satellite Sockets
• Compliant with BS3041 where applicable
• Suitable for use with VHF/UHF TV & VHF signals

Communication/Data Sockets
• Compliant with BABT & BSEN41003 where applicable

Blanking Plates
• Compliant with BS5733




Features & Benefits

• All 10 amp switch modules are interchangeable with any plate product within the Opulence range

Easy to install with a clean and modern design

Each piece 100% appearance and function tested before being released for sale

CE approved and marked where applicable

Compliant with the latest British and European standards

3 year manufacturer’s guarantee



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