Energy Saving Products

The Selectric range of Energy Saving products are manufactured to the latest British & European standards is the most diverse and dynamic range in the UK!

Offering every variation of Timers/Timerswitches and PIR Detectors.

Complementing our range also is the LED Worklight product which is manufactured from superior quality material to withstand most environments.

Selectrics Timers and TimerSwitches are ideal for switching the power in your home on and off, which can also help save on electricity bills by operating appliances during periods of low cost electricity.

• Mechanical/Digital Timers & Timeswitches
• Remote Control On/Off Set
• Rechargeable LED Worklight with Top Flashlight
• PIR Detectors
• Electronic/Photo Cell Wall Switches
• 6 gang Power-Cut Socket with Surge Protection
• 6-Way Extension Lead with Wireless Remote Control

Technical Information

Specifications & Features
Mechanical/Digital Timers &

• Built-in photocell detects lux level
• Turn power ON at dusk and OFF at dawn
• Countdown period from 1 hour to 9 hours adjustable
• One single button for easy settings
• Random function
• Override on/off function
• Child protector
• 240V~, 13A, 3120W

Electronic/Photo Cell Wall

• 1-8hrs adjustable light on/off time.
• 3A, 240V/50Hz, 40-400W
• 7 Days / 24hrs.
• with digital function screen

Remote Control On/Off Set
• Fixed code system, no setting required
• Transmission range up to 25 metres
• High frequency: 433.92MHz
• Control up to 3 channels
• Each channel controls up to 3 receivers
• Child protector
• Battery operated transmitter: 23A 12V DC
• Receiver: 240V~, Maximum 1,000W

Rechargeable LED Worklight
with Top Flashlight

• With 19 pcs super bright 13000MCD, & 17pcs on the top, the top LED can be used as a flashlight
• Anti-impact rubber housing & high
frequency polycarbonate lens
• With On/Off/On push button switch to select work light or flash light
• With adjustable magnet, it can be fixed to any metal surface
• 360 degrees swivel hanging hook to rotate procisely
• With 3 x 1.2V 800Mah Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries
• Will work up to 5 hours when fully charged
• Comes with 230V charger and DC12V car charger

PIR Detectors
• Detection area: 110°/180°/240°
(horizontal) and 30°/60° (vertical)
opening angle,max. 12 meters forward
• Duration time: 3±5 seconds to 4±1 minute adjustable
• Lux level: daylight and night adjustable
• 240V~, 50Hz, Max loading; 1000W Incandescent or Halogen / 300W
Fluorescent or Low Energy
• IP44 rated

6 gang Power-Cut Socket
with Surge Protection

• Automatically cuts off the power of your DVD/Set Top box when you switch off your TV
• 1 Master & 5 Slave outputs

6-Way Extension Lead With
Wireless Remote Control

• 6 sockets, 2 with extra space for adaptors & transformers


Features & Benefits

• Compliant with the latest British and European standards

CE approved and marked where applicable

IP44 protection where applicable

Innovative and durable range

Easy to Install

Each piece 100% appearance and function tested before being released for sale



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